Unlike other Knowledge based trivia games, can you ‘train your brain’ to recognize the WRONG choice instead of the RIGHT one?

That’s exactly what you’ll be challenged to do in every 90 second game of Right Right Wrong! Thousands of different subjects in a multitude of different categories like T.V., Movies, Video Games, Arts, Science, Math, History, Food and much more. You are given a subject with three choices, a Right, a Right and Wrong . It’s your job to figure out the WRONG choice in a race against the clock!

Right Right Wrong! is designed to test and improve a player’s knowledge and speed. The more subjects you solve correctly within each 90 second game, the greater your chance of receiving bonus points and increasing your score. Features:

** Full game with Ads (All content is available in the ad supported FREE version of Right Right Wrong!) or The paid version with no Ads!

** Thousands of different trivia subjects to test your brain!

** Original Soundtrack created by Electropop artist The Chronomancer (available for purchase on iTunes)

** Right Right Wrong! takes advantage of Facebook’s open graph technology allowing you to share and challenge your friends!

So download it for FREE and find out why being WRONG never felt so RIGHT!

Demo the game (click New Game!)

Download Right Right Wrong:

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